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October 15, 2021 ±˘@À˘OÎfl 15, 2021 28 Margot Harris, Nishith Patel, and John Poyner for Town Council Your vote-by-mail ballot is arriving any day! Make sure you return it quickly. Real results for Edison and the record to back it up. Sam Joshi for Mayor The Column A Democratic Team Edison’s Ballot Drop Box Locations Edison Municipal Complex 100 Municipal Boulevard North Edison Library 777 Grove Ave Middlesex County College – College Center 2600 Woodbridge Avenue Your Vote-By-Mail ballot is arriving any day! Return it as quickly as possible to ensure your vote is counted. 1. Completely fill the oval next to each of your selections with black ink. 2. Fill in and sign the certificate, which should remain attached to the smaller envelope. 3. Place the ballot into the smaller certificate envelope. Seal it, then place the smaller envelope inside the larger envelope. 4. Three ways to return your ballot: Return your mail-in ballot today to vote Sam Joshi for Mayor. Sam Joshi works in finance and is Vice President of the Township Council, where he has worked to keep taxes low, helped women and minority-owned businesses, and promoted green energy. Sam fought to stop the building of warehouses near Silver Lake and to make the Amazon warehouses pay their fair share. As Mayor, Sam Joshi will put an end to unnecessary development in our neighborhoods and will work to end cablevision’s monopoly and establish a faster, more reliable municipal broadband system. As Mayor, Sam Joshi will: • Stabilize property taxes and work to make local government more efficient • Improve our quality of life by continuing to fight against overdevelopment • Launch municipal broadband for faster, more reliable internet • Make sure town government is ethical, transparent, and accountable to residents • Celebrate Edison’s diversity by protecting all families from discrimination and hate Vote-by-Mail Instructions • Mail: Must be postmarked on or before 8 PM Nov. 2 and received by your county’s Board of Elections by Nov. 8 • Secure Ballot Drop Box: Place it in one of your county’s secure ballot drop boxes by 8 PM, Nov. 2 • Board of Elections Office: Deliver it in person to your county’s Board of Elections Office by 8 PM, Nov. 2 NOTE: Your Vote-By-Mail ballot CANNOT be returned to your polling place. Voting Questions? Call 1-877-NJ-VOTER (1-877-658-6837) For more information, visit: Election Day: Nov. 2 teamsamjoshi samipjoshi Vote the Column A Democratic Team